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A Paralegal's Scope

Paralegals are licensed and regulated by the Law Society of Ontario (LSO).  
Ontario paralegals are licensed to provide a limited range of legal services. You will find paralegals working in courthouses and courtrooms, at government offices, in lawyers’ offices, in legal clinics – and independently representing clients in court and at hundreds of tribunals in Ontario.
Paralegals are advocates. Paralegals represent clients who need help with legal issues and offer advice on dealing with legal matters that are within the “paralegal scope of practice.” Paralegal fees are generally below those of lawyers who practise law in these same areas.
Paralegals represent clients in four main areas:

  • Provincial Offences-related tickets
  • Small Claims Court (for civil suits of less than $25,000 per claim)
  • Summary conviction-prosecuted offences in criminal courts
  • Administrative tribunals – such as Ontario Human Rights Tribunal; Landlord and Tenant Board; Social Benefits Tribunal; municipal licensing tribunals and committees; housing and education committees
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